Meet Don Colbert, MD

Dr. Don Colbert has been board-certified in Family Practice and Anti-Aging Medicine since 1987, after graduating from ORU School of Medicine in 1984.

Now, he has practiced medicine in Central Florida for over twenty years. Dr. Colbert is not quick to jump to invasive procedures such as pain medications, mood-altering drugs, or plastic surgery. Instead, he tailors each course of treatment to each patientís particular needs and, therefore, works to create a balance in their body, mind and spirit. This gets to the source of his patientís problem.

His practice is based on seven distinct pillars of heath, which God revealed to himódrinking clean water, getting adequate sleep and rest, eating living foods, getting adequate amounts of exercise, detoxifying the body, proper nutritional supplementation, and teaching patients how to cope with stress. He also has developed his own line of Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins that can be purchased on this website under his private label "Divine Health"TM.

Dr. Colbert has written over forty books, including his New York Times Bestseller, The Seven Pillars of Health, all of which have sold more than four million copies. He recently received the Christian Retailers Choice award for best booklet series for The Bible Cure series.

Last updated August 2008.

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