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Two Dozen Years and Twenty Albums

After graduating from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY with a degree in classical music and theory, Larnelle Harris spent four years touring with a Christian band named the Spurrlows. While touring with the Spurrlows, he married Mitzy, his wife of twenty-five years. Harris recalls that at that time he never expected for music to become his career. He explains, "Music was always going to be something I did until I figured out what I was really going to do. But the Lord has just kept opening doors and opening more doors, and He hasnít stopped." In 1975, having been noticed by the Christian music industry for his work with the Spurrlows, Harris recorded his first solo album. He has since recorded more than twenty albums. Along the way he has collected five Grammy Awards and eleven Dove Awards, appeared on television numerous times, and produced more than twelve #1 albums!

Larnelleís Hope for his Music

Larnelle is as amazed as anyone when he considers the direction that his life has taken and the success that his music has brought. However, he realizes that his message, and not his music, is the most important component of his ministry. Harris says of his ministry, "My prayer is, ĎLord put something in my heart and teach me how to give it away.í Thatís what Iíve always needed, and still need today." And Larnelle has used a wide variety of musical styles to try to express that message. At times his music takes on a dramatic pop sound, at other times edgy R&B, and occasionally an urban contemporary sound. His success in such a wide range of musical styles has made his name almost synonymous with Christian music.

A Message to the President

For Harris, music is a vehicle for sharing the message of Godís love. For example, in response to the recent Presidential crisis involving Monica Lewinsky, Harris used one of his songs to send a message of grace to the President. He sent President Clinton a copy of his new single, "Were it not for Grace," along with a personal letter. Although Harris wonít disclose the exact contents of the letter, he did mention that, "As a Christian I do have the obligation to tell people that Godís grace is big enough for every sin and trespass imaginable. And his grace was made available to everyone, regardless of their stature." He added, "Itís up to us to plant the seeds. God will do the rest." With the production of his latest album, Harris continues to plant seeds in a broad and growing audience that is hungry for his beautiful music and the Word of God.

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