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4Him is Formed

The four members of 4Him, Marty Magehee, Mark Harris, Andy Chrisman and Kirk Sullivan, have been performing together for over ten years. They began singing with a vocal group called "Truth," working out of their hometown of Daphne, Alabama. Then, as their music and vision evolved, they decided to establish their own group, and thus, 4Him was born. The release of Obvious, 4Him’s seventh recording, marks their eighth year together under their current name. Having become one of the most recognizable groups in the Christian music industry, 4Him has collected dozens of awards and honors. Since the release of their self-titled debut album by Benson Records in 1990, 4Him has written twenty number-one songs, produced a gold album, won six Dove awards and a Grammy nomination, and performed at over 1,000 concerts.

4Him Really is For Him

In light of all their success, the members of 4Him are quick to remind fans that God is the source of the band’s strength. Harris explains, "The greatest lesson that I have learned is that there's nothing that I can do that will match what God can do…The greatest effort that I can put into our career as 4HIM is being willing to listen to God and what He wants for us." Chrisman continues, discussing the title of their latest album and how it relates to their God-centered ministry. "The album is titled Obvious because it is the one word that should describe the ministry of 4Him. We want to be obvious about our faith." Harris adds, "If you had the cure for a man dying with some disease, you'd give it to him. And just the same, we as Christians have the cure for a dying world. We need to be obvious and forthright with our faith, with our lives, now more than ever."

The new album comes on the heels of a year of spiritual rebirth, explains Kirk Sullivan. "We're communicating, singing about what God's doing in our lives. A lot of changes have happened in the past year—some maturity has happened, and some spiritual changes have affected our lives and our music. We're probably closer now as a group than we ever have been." From a musical standpoint 4Him’s new album combines the vocal styles of some of the 1970s super-groups like Chicago, Kansas and Ambrosia, with the straightforward message of Christ.

…A Book Deal

4Him has just recently branched out into the publishing world by writing their first book, The Basics of Life. Named for one of their most popular songs, this devotional book from Howard Publishing personalizes the message behind 4Him’s songs. Mark Harris recalls, "Writing this book was a great experience for me. It brought back a lot of memories and made me take another look at the songs that we still perform every night. It was a liberating thing -- it gave us a chance to do something we'd never done before and just go for it." The book includes wisdom gained from a decade of performing, and insight from years of meeting with an accountability board. The board is a group of men and women formed several years ago after the beginning of 4Him’s ministry. The board now includes two pastors, their wives, a major league baseball player, author Tim Burke, and his wife Christine. They have retreats twice a year to open communication lines within 4Him and sharpen the focus of their ministry. It looks like there are many more years ahead for 4Him.

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