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“For as long as I can remember I've always loved writing,” says Robert Elmer, author of The Duet (WaterBrook) and 32 young adult novels (Bethany House). When he was in grade school, he created a family newspaper and wrote for fun. In high school, he took every writing class available. His parents, both from Denmark, passed along a love of language and books. Writing naturally came from that kind of environment.

In fact, his first series, The Young Underground, was inspired by stories from his parents about growing up in occupied Denmark during World War II. Those adventures led to two other historical fiction series, Adventures Down Under, set in Australian during the pioneer days, and Promise of Zion, set in 1940s Israel. Robert is also wrote the AstroKids series, a zany look at how kids live on a space station in the year 2175.

Today Robert is a full-time writer and speaker, working out of his home in northwest Washington State. He and his wife Ronda, who works closely with him, have three college-age children. The rural area where they live served as the setting for The Duet, his first novel for adult readers.

“Every writer has goals for their writing. I want my readers to look beyond, to try to put themselves in the shoes of people who are not like them. That’s why the two main characters in The Duet, Gerrit and Joan, are such a contrast. People with different backgrounds can find common ground in Christ. I hope that comes out in my writing, in my stories.”

Posted January 2004.

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