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Mark Rempel is a youth minister who grew up in Wisconsin in a family of 5 children. Of his childhood, Mark says, “Growing up in that environment, I think, caused me to become creative because out of all five kids, I had to figure who I was. I've always had this innate, weird imagination that got styled into absolutely loving creativity.”

That imagination and creativity developed as a child has recently been channeled into novel writing. Mark has written the Extreme Fiction series for young adults that challenges teens by asking deep questions. The first book of the series, Point Blank, finds the main character exploring the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ as he comes face to face with a school shooting. The basic premise of the book asks, ‘What would you do if a gun was pointed at your head, Point Blank?” Breakout is about the spiritual awakening that happens at the school after the shooting in Point Blank and shows how God can take tragic events and use them for His glory. The third book, Real deals with the struggles teens have with identity. Mark says that the challenge in writing these books was that he wanted to write something that would challenge Christian teens, yet make faith appealing enough that a non-Christian would be drawn to the faith shown in the books. He also states that if a kid reads the books and is challenged by them and takes even a little step out of his or her comfort zone, then it was worth every bit of time and effort it took for him to write them.

Mark has also written an adult novel, The Waiting which is a contemporary retelling of the prodigal son told through the eyes of John, who after his mother’s death, takes a chunk of the life insurance money and leaves to take on the world. He is currently working on a second contemporary parable, The Judgment, the fourth and fifth books in Extreme Fiction, and a stand alone title, Missing, which chronicles 5 lives after the tragedy of September 11th.<.

Of his work with teens, Mark says, “I love junior high kids. Through the years, I’ve had so many people ask me when I’m was going to ‘grow’ out of that age group. I decided never. There is something about the tender heart of a 13-year-old kid. Those were such tough years for me, I love seeing the power of Christ take and make those ‘awkward years’ awesome for God.”

Mark lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and son.

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