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David Hernandez is an author who has worked for 12 years in the entertainment industry for many major studios such as Disney and Universal Studios. He started off as an illustrator and animator for Disney. He eventually became a concept designer, which he describes as basically being locked in a room all day with coffee and legos, and coming up with great ideas. David did similar work for other studios on a freelance basis.

After becoming a Christian, David decided to use his experience in and knowledge of the industry to create products for children that were of the same quality as what he was used to producing, but with Christian values. The result of this was the new Adventures of Toby Digz series for children that was inspired by David’s interests in archaeology, puzzles, ancient civilizations, and the Bible.

David says that for Toby Digz (which he classifies as Scooby-Doo and Indiana Jones in the world of the Bible), he wanted to have children experience the Bible from a kid’s point of view. He goes on to explain that “Toby Digz is basically me as a boy with all my curiosity and all the wonder that I had with the Bible, and he's bringing that to a new audience. That's my goal. Toby Digz is the kind of kid who wants to absorb everything, he loves input, he loves to discover.”

As far as future projects, David says he has 16 Toby Digz books planned. He would like to do a project for teenagers—a Narnia or Lord of the Rings type world that deals with Christianity and morals. It will bring modern-day teenagers into an imaginary world of biblical principles…and shows how these five teenagers change as people when they come back to the real world. He is also working on a screenplay for a Christian-based, animated Christmas story.

David and his wife, Shannon, live in Orlando, Florida. David likes to spend his free time strolling through parks and wooded trails with his sketchpad. He can also be found in the corner of a bookstore with a Starbuck's Venti Mocha and his laptop.

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