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"Girl Power! is believing you can do whatever you set your mind to. Girls can do so much! Just set a goal and do it!"

Sondra Clark has accomplished some amazing things. She has written 4 books, and has appeared on many national television shows such as the Donny and Marie show, the 700 Club, Home Matters and Smart Solutions. She is the spokeschild for Childcare International, and she speaks at churches and conferences across the country. Sondra was also selected to carry the Olympic torch in 2002. She was the youngest of 11,000 runners. Sondra has been the recipient of many awards such as Angels in Action, Weekly Reader, Nestle Very Best in Youth, Prudential Spirit of Community, Hearts and Hands, and the Kid’s Hall of Fame. She was also a Top 20 Finalist for the Caring Institute Awards and was the winner of the National Speakers Association Youth Speech Contest. All of which has been accomplished before the age of 14!

Sondra wrote her first book, Craft Fun with Sondra at the young age of 8. She got started writing books because her mother has written books. She decided to write a book on crafts after being told that she should write about what she knows. Sondra explains that she wrote about 2 pages a day with her mom’s help. “What I would do is I would make the craft, and then call my mom in and dictate the steps to her because my handwriting was illegible. Then she would read the steps back to me and I would make the craft again. That was how we'd correct it. She then typed it all up. I came up with the ideas, but she would actually help me get it into the computer.”

Her second book, Wearable Art with Sondra, was written when she was 9. Sondra wrote it using the same process as with her first book. She says, “"My family and I have never watched much TV. Instead, I would just do crafts. I've been using a hot glue gun since I was 3 years old!"

Sondra has since written 2 additional books. You’ve Got What it Takes: Sondra’s Tips for Making Your Dreams Come True, which came about partly though all the speeches she has given. Sondra says after giving a speech she was often asked if she had a website where her advice was written down. She didn’t, but decided to compile her advice into book form. Her most recent book, You Can Change Your World: Sondra’s Tips for Making a Difference, was inspired by her trip to Africa. In this book, she shares ways that kids can make a difference in their homes and schools, as well as giving resources for various volunteer programs. Sondra is currently working of a fifth book on careers for kids. For this book she got to job shadow 60 people around the country, including an animal trainer at SeaWorld.

In the midst of all these extraordinary experiences, Sondra manages to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground. She says that her parents and God have kept her grounded and that she sees herself as a normal kid who hangs out with. Her mother, Silvana, says, “She keeps it very low key with her friends. She seldom talks about her experiences. They'll say, 'Sondra was that you on TV yesterday?' They're surprised because most don't know about her experiences…We don't make a big deal about it either. We can say, 'Tomorrow you have a radio interview with Radio Disney' or 'Tomorrow you have a soccer game' and she gives it the same importance." Sondra lives with her family in Bellingham, Washington. In her spare time she enjoys playing soccer, acting out Broadway musicals and participating in activities at her church.

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