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Leslie Gould is an author, a wife and mother of 4 kids. She has worked as the curator of the Swedenburg House Museum in Ashland, Oregon, communications specialist for the Port of Portland, and editor of a Northwest bridal magazine. I've also done public relations work, and I've written numerous articles for a variety of publications.

Leslie says she has wanted to write ever since she could remember. She put off trying her hand at fiction because that was her true desire for writing and she was afraid she would have nothing left of her dream if she failed. She explains that she began writing out of “creative desperation” when her husband, was deployed to Germany with his Army Reserve medical unit during Desert Storm.

Her first novel is Garden of Dreams. Leslie says that the inspiration came from “the death of my maternal aunt from breast cancer. She and my mom were best friends. I watched my mom grieve and saw what a loss it was for her. Then, my best friend Libby had a brain aneurysm five years ago…Once Libby was better and at home, I felt like I wanted to write about friendship between women …Those were the inspirations—the idea of friendship between women and the whole faith and healing issue.”

When Leslie began writing this novel, she and her husband had just returned from Vietnam after adopting their youngest daughter, who was 3 at the time. She was also working part time for a magazine, so she fit in her writing time whenever she could—sometimes with her daughter sitting in her lap. She says, “What happens when you have kids is you don't procrastinate. If you have 15 minutes, you just sit down and write as fast as you can. You write at the orthodontist's office and during soccer practice—whenever you can find 15 minutes.”

Leslie is currently working on a novel about international adoption, written from the point of view of both the birth mother and the adoptive mother, which explores taking risks, creating a family, and trusting God. The idea was inspired by the adoption of her daughter, but it is fictionalized. Leslie says that the plot and characters are different, but the setting is the same.

When asked what she would like to accomplish through her writing, Leslie says, “I really want to write good fiction that glorifies God. Fiction that is well thought out and uses metaphors and other creative devices, but that reveals more about God to people and also more about human nature and our need for God.”

Leslie lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband Peter, their four children, Kaleb, Taylor, Hana, and Lily Thao, and their pets—toy poodle Max and cats Sam-I-Am, Ramona Boo, and Meo Meo ("Cat Cat" in Vietnamese). She enjoys soccer, traveling, backpacking, and camping with friends and extended family.

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