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Joshua Williams (a pastor's son) attended public school where he faced the pressures of every young person to have fun and date. Instead of following the crowd, he chose a rather narrow road of purity that led to his unique experience of finding a wife in the way he'd always the story of Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 24.

Kerry Williams was raised in Scotland, halfway across the world from her future husband. Kerry became a Christian at the age of 15 through a friend. She began to search the Scriptures for God's biblical answers to dating and soon realized God's ways were not her ways (Isaiah 55:8). After becoming involved with several relationships, she began to pray that God woud purify her heart and help her find the right person, just like he did Isaac and Rebekah. She agreed to marry Joshua, although she had never seen or spoken to him.

In their book, The Perfect Date, Joshua and Kerry explore the concept of whether a date is the stereotypical image of candlelight, soft music, butterflies in the stomach, or is it beyond the image that is portrayed by Hollywood. They also share their story of how God allowed their relationship to be patterned after Isaac and Rebekah.

In addition to writing, Joshua and Kerry minister to young adults, teaching them about having pure relationships. Joshua has also released 2 CDs, In the Line of Holiness and Roadside Photographs. Kerry is also talented in music and they combine their gifts to minister at youth groups, conventions, college campuses, church services, and seminars.

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