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"You are unfulfilled because God did not create you to dance for this world. He intended for you to dance for Him. Dancing is a form of worship, and he wants you to worship Him."

Shannon Kubiak has always had a passion and gift for writing and storytelling. At the age of 13, she won her first writing contest, and was published on the front page of the Christmas day edition of The Californian, a local paper. In high school, she won an "Excellence in Writing" award from the North County Times. Shannon is now a journalism major at Biola University and is anticipating her coming graduation. She been involved through positions such as secretary in the student government and Student Missionary Union offices, copyeditor and a staff writer for the university paper, The Chimes, as well as having led a missions trip to ground zero, New York in the aftermath of the events of September 11th. She now works as a Media Relations intern at nearby Cerritos College.

In her debut book, The Divine Dance (written primarily over her summer vacation!), Shannon explores the analogy of life as a dance, by asking the question “If the world is your stage, who are you performing for?” She says that the point of the book is that “we need to stop being so concerned with obtaining the applause of men, and to start dancing for the audience of One.” Geared primarily toward high school and college students, The Divine Dance addresses issues of self-esteem, inner beauty, dating, friendships, family, and integrity, while encouraging girls to find their place on God's stage.

When asked what the main thing she’d like the reader to take away after reading The Divine Dance, Shannon says, “I want them to know there is a God in heaven who loves them and He applauds them just as they are. For this audience, for the audience of One, they don't have to perform for Him, they just have to live for Him.

Shannon lives in Southern California. Her hobbies include reading, writing, kayaking, sailing, going to the beach, watching movies and spending time with her friends and family. Having previously played softball, Shannon is an avid baseball fan and loves to travel.

Information from the author’s website, an interview with, and Barbour Publishing. Posted 07/03.

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