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Author Judith McCoy Miller started writing her first book while commuting sixty miles to work each day. Sbe wanted to tell the story of a pioneer girl coming to Kansas and the faith that sustained her as she adjusted to a new life. When the book was completed, it was tucked away. Judith was introduced to Tracie Peterson who worked down the hall from her and Tracie gave her some pointers about what to do with the finished manuscript.

Her books include Woven Threads, Sleigh Bells, Changed of the Heart, A Trusting Heart, The Immigrants’ Chronicles, Kansas, and the Bells of Lowell series (the latter two are written with Tracie Peterson). She has contributed several novellas. “The Golden Cord” appears in China Tapestry, “Tales from Home” is part of The Storytellers’ Collection Volume 2, “The Blessings Basket” in Spring’s Memory, and American Dream.

Judith was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Kansas shortly after graduating from high school. When she saw the countryside, she said to the man who would later become her husband, "They sure have big yards in Kansas, don't they?" The yard was actually fields of unripened wheat.

Judith and her husband, Jim live in Topeka, Kansas, where she works as a compliance analyst for the Kansas Insurance Department. She credits Jim with triggering her interest in historical books, as he requested a list of the books he wanted to read. Once Judith picked one up and read it, she became hooked. She says many of the ideas for her books come from a bit of information she discovers while reading.

Information from the author’s website. Posted 06/03

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