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While growing up, Kristen Heitzmann was interested in art, music, and writing. In fact, her love of stories sprung up at the age of 4, when she first learned to read. In elementary school, the highlight of Kristenís week was the trip to the bookmobileóa 1.5 mile walk!

Kristen was an adventurous child, with a variety of interests, such as playing Cowboys and Indians with her brother (opting to play the Indian because the toy bow actually shot arrows), catching frogs, exploring, playing baseball and football, and art related activities. She also played several musical instruments. Kristen went on to study English at the University of Colorado, where she loved Creative Writing and Literature classes.

Putting those English classes to work, Kristen has since written several novels, many of which have been bestsellers. Her first series, the Rocky Mountain Legacy, features Abigail Martin, a headstrong young woman ready to take on frontier life in the Rockies. Diamond of the Rockies is about Carina DiGratia, an Italian spitfire of an heiress, who takes on the challenge of living in a town full of prospectors, gold mines, scoundrels, and cheats. The third and final book in the series, The Tender Vine, is a 2003 Christy Award Finalist in the North American Historical category. Kristenís recent books, Twilight, and A Rush of Wings are written with a contemporary setting. Her upcoming book is The Still of Night, about former highschool sweethearts Jill and Morgan.

Kristen lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.

Information from the authorís website. Posted June 2003

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