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Author Lois Walfrid Johnson has always loved reading and wants her readers to experience the same enjoyment, which is why she writes mystery and adventure books with excitement at the end of each chapter. Lois was formerly a public school teacher and an instructor for Writer's Digest School.

Lois is the author of several childrenís books such as the Adventures of the Northwoods series, which follows Kate OíConnell as she adjusts to living the woods of Wisconsin (as opposed to Minneapolis) and being part of a blended family. In the Riverboat Adventures, 12-year-old Libby Norstad confronts mysteries and must form her own opinions of what is right during the late 1850s. Loisís Letís-Talk-About-It books encourage kids to talk about tough issues with their parents and decide how the will react when confronted by these situations. She also has a new series for children coming out, Viking Quest, featuring Briana OíToole, who along with her brother Devin, have been kidnapped from their native home of Ireland. Lois is also the author of Either Way I Win.

Lois has won many awards for her childrenís books, which have been translated into 12 languages. She is the recipient of the Silver Angel Award (for The Disappearing Stranger, 1991; Trouble at Wild River, 1992, The Runaway Clown, 1994; Disaster on Windy Hill, 1995; and Escape into the Night, 1996), the C.S. Lewis Medal for Notable Books (for The Swindler's Treasure, and Midnight Rescue, 1997), the C.S. Lewis Silver Medal (for Escape into the Night 1996), Award of Merit from Excellence in Media (for Grandpa's Stolen Treasure, 1993), the Arthur Tofte Juvenile Book Award (for Trouble at Wild River, 1992), Award of Merit for Distinguished Service to History (for the Adventures of the Northwoods series 1991), Gold Medallion Book Award (the Letís Talk About It series, 1989), and the C.S. Lewis Medal for Best Series Published (Letís Talk About It, 1988).

Lois and her husband, Roy, live in Minnesota; they have three grown children.

Information from the authorís website. Posted June 2003

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