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Cindy McCormick Martinusen started writing her first novel—an Indiana Jones styled book (with herself as the heroine)—at the age of 12. She changed her mind about what she wanted to do when she grew up several times, wanting to be a teacher, an archaeologist, an actress, a filmmaker, and many other things. Cindy says the neat thing about writing is that she gets to write about people in these vastly different careers.

Cindy’s first novel is Winter Passing (a 2001 Christy Award Finalist), in which Darby Evans searches for clues to her grandmother´s love and legacy lost during World War II. The inspiration for the book came from Cindy’s interest in World War II and the Holocaust. She explains that she had an image of this girl in a concentration camp awaiting her execution, which became the prologue for Winter Passing. Cindy has also written two sequels, Blue Night, which features Kate Porter as she searches for her missing husband. A mysterious blue tile is a clue that takes her search back to World War II Austria. Her latest novel, and the conclusion of the series, North of Tomorrow is primarily about Amanda Rivans who traces her family's history back to WW2, and discovers that everything she's believed about her family has been a lie. Now she must face the truth and find the one WW2 survivor who can free her from her past. It also features the characters from the previous books. In addition to her 3 books, Cindy has also written short stories and articles.

When asked what she hopes to accomplish through her writing, Cindy says, “I want to be true to the story for one thing. I don't want to ever feel that I'm forcing a message in…I definitely always want to glorify God in my writing. I don't want to lose touch with that—to get so into the writing that I lose the fact that this is God's calling. I want to be able to balance both of those so it's like seeking God through the story…I feel like it should always be a sacrifice for me to write. If the reader is investing a part of their life to read a book that has my name on it, I should have had to sacrifice something and have given a large part of my heart in writing it.”

Cindy and her husband, David, live in California with their three children, Cody, Madelyn, and Weston. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, sports, and spending time with family and friends.

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