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From the time she was a little girl, Eva Marie Everson wanted to be a writer. It wasn't an easy aspiration to have; her friends told her she couldn't be a writer—girls from their tow just didn't do that. They grew up to be teachers or nurses or secretaries, or wives and mothers, which is just what Eva Marie did. She went to school and became a nurse; she worked, got married, and raised children.

Her writing career started "by accident"—a case of mistaken identity. Eva Marie had been instant messaging with a woman on the Internet in February of 1997. Two nights later, when she tried to locate her by doing a name search, she was given a list of possibilities and tried the first one. She contacted the person, saying she didn't know if "she" was the same person she had talked with previously. As Eva Marie tells the story, "He responded no, but in his profile I discovered he lived in Georgia, which is where I was from; he was a nurse and so was I; he has a great love for literature—me too; Christian music—me too. My husband was looking over my shoulder as I conversed with him and said, 'I think you are talking to a guy.' So I asked him if he was a man. He said, 'I think I am.' So I sort of apologized to him, saying I thought he was a woman I had spoken with before. We chatted, and I told him I was a member of a writer's critique group and I had needed to come up with something to be critiqued on! I went on to say that I had written a chapter of what could be a novel and that everyone in my group had loved it. He told me that he had always loved to edit and asked if I would let him see it. So I sent it to him. He did an edit and sent it back to me. I rewrote it and sent it back to him, and we did this back and forth several times, until he said, 'I think we have something here. We ought to write a book.' Well, he was kidding, but I took him seriously and the next thing he knew, he had a contract in the mail...Francis and I wrote 10 chapters before we ever met face to face." And so began her collaboration with G. W. Francis Chadwick on Shadow of Dreams.

Eva Marie didn't exactly switch from writing non-fiction to fiction. It was the other way around—she and Francis had written Shadow of Dreams first, but because they were unknown in the publishing world, marketing the book had been left in Eva Marie's hands and she was having a hard time finding a publisher. They started working on the next book (Summon the Shadows), Eva Marie doing the writing, and Francis doing the edits and adding some ideas. In May of 1999, Eva Marie went to a Christian Leaders, Authors, Speakers Services (CLASS) seminar in Orlando to sharpen her skills in teaching Old Testament theology, which she had been doing for 6 years at her church. The CBA (Christian Booksellers' Association) convention was also being held in Orlando that year. So Eva Marie had a chance to go. She went armed wtih 12 ideas for a book on marriage proposals. True Love: Engaging Stories of Real Life Proposals and its companion, One True Vow, were placed with Promise Press. A short time later, her agent heard that Promise Press was going to start a non-romantic fiction line; he sent them a proposal for the book Eva Marie and Francis had written, which eventually turned into a book deal. Eva Marie has also written the final book in her trilogy with Francis, entitled, Shadows of Light, and Silver and Gold: Stories of Special Friendships.

Eva Marie and her husband live in central Florida. They have four children and three grandchildren. She is a board member of Right to the Heart Ministries, a member of AWSA (Advanced Writers & Speakers Association), the recipient of their Member of the Year Award for 2002, and the moderator of Women-Bible-Teacher eGroup (a category of Right to the Heart Ministries). She is also a member of Florida Writers association, facilitator and president of Word Weavers Christian Writers Group, a graduate of CLASS, and a Certified Personality Trainer.

Information taken from the author's website and an interview with Posted June 2003.

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