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Debra White Smith is a popular author and speaker. She has written fiction--most notably, her Seven Sisters series--and non-fiction, such as Romancing Your Husband, More than Rubies: Becoming a Woman of Godly Influence, and The Harder I Laugh, the Deeper I Hurt. She has 31 book sales to her credit, totalling nearly 700,000 copies. Her work has appeared on various best-seller lists and she is a favorite author among readers. Debra is often a guest on TV and radio programs, appearing on The 700 Club, At Home Live, Moody Broadcasting, USA Radio Network News, and others.

Debra started writing at the age of 25, after God has shown her that she needed to go back and get her college degree and go on to a masters degree. She tried to seel some novels but says, "I had novels floating out everywhere and I got enough rejections to paper a house!" Debra didn't give up there; she had a feeling that she should wait until she had finished her masters degree. She did so in January of 1997 and began selling books the very next month! The inspiration for her Seven Sisters series came at a time when Debra was so busy writing she had no time to market any of her manuscripts. She had written Best Friends and proposed a second book, titled New Beginnings, as a two book series. The publisher declined it, but Debra's agent showed it to different publishers--one of which was Harvest House. The wanted to buy the book--now titles Second Chances--but they wanted it to be part of a series. Debra had several romantic suspense novels that weren't connected, and decided to make the women good friends and connect them in that way. She reworked the five novels she hadn't been able to sell and wrote two more which rounded out the series.

When asked who her favorite of the sisters is, Debra is quick to answer, "I love Jac Lightfoot. I want to be so tough like she is and I'm such a wimp. If a man came up to me with a gun, I'd run. or I'd faint! She'd just knock his knees out. I just love her. She's saucy, she's spicy, she's petite, in good shape, she's just a neat person."

Something Debra strives for in both her fiction and non-fiction is to be real. Her characters have everyday struggles just like anybody else. She wants her non-fiction to be the same way--to have it reach out to people. As she puts it, "We have hypothesized in the Christian market until we're blue in the face, but people want to know how these things are going to help..."

Some of Debra's favorite hobbies include fishing, attending garage sales, and splashing in the pool with her family; she also loves German Chocolate ice cream. Debra is working toward a Master of Divinity degree with a hope of getting a doctorate in ministry. She and her family live in Texas.

Information from Harvest House Publishers, the author's website, and an interview with Posted June 2003.

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