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Author Dandi Daley Mackall got her first taste of what it was like to do well in writing at a young age when she won a writing contest at the age of 10. The prize was to be a batboy (or in this case, batgirl) for the Kansas City A’s. She also experienced her first rejection. Although her essay won first place, she was not allowed to claim the prize—the team would not let a girl be the batboy.

She went on to earn a degree in foreign languages from the University of Missouri, and a Masters degree in English and creative writing from the University of Central Oklahoma. Dandi has also been a frequent guest on radio talk shows, hosted radio phone-in programs to discuss topics of her books, and has made dozens of appearances on TV talk shows and news programs, including ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Dandi has written for literally every age group. Very young children can enjoy her rhyming books such as The Princess and the Pea, as well as storybooks on favorite cartoon characters. Early reader books include: the Jenny and Josh books--The Best Christmas Ever, and A Super Friend, The I'm Not Afraid! books--No, No Noah!, Little Lost Donkey, Go, Go, Fish!, and Don't Cry, Lion as well as Ready, Set, Read. She has written two series for 6-10 year olds, Cinnamon Lake Mysteries, and The Puzzle Club. Her books for young adults the Horsefeathers Series, Series, and the Career Skills Library--a series of books designed to bring awareness to important job skills. In addition to her many books for kids, Dandi has written a number of humorous books of what children have said. She is also the author of Kindred Sisters, a book on the lives and faith of New Testament women.

Currently, Dandi conducts writing assemblies and workshops across the country. She is an instructor with The Institute of Children’s Literature and has taught at Highlights’ Chautaugua conference. Dandi lives in Ohio with her husband, Joe, and three children, Jenny, Katy, and Danny--and two horses, a dog, and a cat.

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