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Nancy Moser is an inspirational speaker, college writing professor, and author. When she first started writing, her dream was to become a famous best-selling author: have book signings, appear on Oprah, and earn paychecks with lots of zeros. To achieve this end, Nancy began writing secular novels without success. It wasn’t until she received a harsh rejection letter from a New York publishing agent that essentially said he hated her writing that Nancy’s journey to writing Christian fiction officially began.

After trying to make her writing fit what this agent wanted, Nancy realized that her writing was no longer her own. She gave up on writing secular novels and while she was out running errands, stopped in a Christian bookstore and was introduced to the world of Christian fiction. She made the choice to write for God.

Several years and 12 books later, Nancy is still writing—and says she has ideas for around 60 books! Her first book The Invitation, which took 15 months before Nancy got a contract for it, is the first book in her Mustard Seed series—books that take the characters on a journey of unbelief to strong faith. The Invitation was followed by two additional installments, The Quest, and The Temptation. Nancy plans to write a final book in the series. She is also the author of stand alone titles, such as Time Lottery, The Seat Beside Me, Expecting: Celebrating the Waiting & the Wonder, Motherhood: A Celebration of Blessings & Blunders, and her upcoming book, A Steadfast Surrender. In addition to these books, Nancy is working on a new series with Vonette Bright called The Sister Circle. The first book of the same title as the series has already been released and the second installment, ’Round the Corner will be released shortly.

When asked what she hopes to accomplish through her writing, Nancy says, “I hope to spread the word about what God can do in your life because He has completely changed mine. The trouble with all of us is that we don't understand how wonderful it can be until we get there because we all think we are doing fine. Every year it gets better and better. It's beyond my comprehension and I want people to get that spark and that desire to know Him as much as I have gotten that spark.”

In her spare time, Nancy enjoys needlepoint and antiques. She and her husband, Mark have three grown children.

Information from an interview with, and Posted June 2003.

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