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“Studies show that the number one desire of today’s younger generation is to be married to one person for a lifetime. But those studies also say that when young people today are asked if they believe such a dream can ever come true, the majority of them say no. We live in a society full of divorce, broken hearts, and shattered dreams, and very few young people believe there can be anything better.”

Eric and Leslie Ludy have a message for their generation and they are out to change that mindset. For several years, they have been speaking to young adults and letting them know that lifelong love does exist. They have also written books on the topic. In their first book—the best-seller When God Writes Your Love Story, Eric and Leslie offer practical advice for letting God be the center of your love life, thereby making the concept of living “happily ever after” more than a dream. The follow up, When Dreams Come True is Eric and Leslie’s love story.

Eric and Leslie are also branching out and writing books on their own that are due to be released shortly. Leslie’s book, Authentic Beauty, explores the seemingly endless opportunities God has for a young woman when she lets Him shape her life and offers hope for those who desire a true romance and wonders if society’s views are all there is. In God’s Gift to Women, Eric shows young men how to rise above the views the world imposes on them about women to become the knight that every girl dreams of.

In addition to writing books, the Ludys are the founders of RGeneration, a non-profit organization designed to provide spiritual discipleship and practical training for motivated, ministry-minded young people, to help them become well-equipped and God-fearing leaders. They are also international speakers and have recorded an album.

Eric and Leslie frequently speak and perform at colleges, music festivals and leaders’ conferences across the U.S. and overseas. They were among 2002’s top ten most popular Focus on the Family radio broadcast and have appeared on other programs such as Josh McDowell Radio, Beverly LaHaye Today, Dawson McAllister Live, 100 Huntley Street, and the Moody Broadcast Network.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys reading classic literature and skiing. Leslie’s hobbies include participating in triathlons and hiking. They live in Colorado.

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