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Many writers get started writing stories in school, discover they love it and think of that as when they started writing. Jefferson Scott is a bit different; when asked how long he has been writing, his answer is, “I've been making up stories since I was a kid playing with my G.I. Joes!”

As far as writing professionally goes, he originally was leaning towards a career in the Christian film industry. Jefferson got a degree from the University of Texas in Austin’s film school, and a Masters of Divinity degree, intending to combine the Christian and film aspects together. However, he was blessed by having stories play out in his mind and the ability to put them down on paper in detail.

His first series features Ethan Hamilton, an artificial intelligence expert and is comprised of the techno-thrillers Virtually Eliminated, Terminal Logic, and Fatal Defect. His latest book, Operation: Firebrand, is the first installment in a military fiction series. It features a team of Christian, ex-Special Forces agents who are recruited to go into the world’s hot spots on covert missions using non-lethal weapons. The second book Operation: Firebrand—Crusade takes place in Sudan, where the team takes on the human slave trade. Upcoming books for Jefferson include Be Intolerant Because Our Generation Is Being Destroyed by Manic Tolerance, co-written with Ryan Dobson, a third Operation Firebrand book to take place in North Korea, and a book tentatively titled Rogue Planet on UFOs and the Christian worldview.

Jefferson came up with the idea of a group of ex-Special Forces agents going to the hot spots of the world to rescue innocent people during the Kosovo crisis. He explains that he saw it as a series immediately because of the many places around the world that he could send this team.

Jefferson lives in Oregon with his wife, two children, and two cats. He enjoys playing computer games in his spare time.

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