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Paul McCusker started writing and drawing when he was young and thanks to encouragement from his parents and teachers, decided to pursue writing as a career. He is the executive producer of audio resources for Focus on the Family. He is also the producer, writer and director of Adventures in Odyssey, writing over 150 of the beloved 30 minute episodes.

. His books in print include 52 Quick Sketches, The Ultimate Youth Drama Book, The Faded Flower, The Adventures in Odyssey Passages series, Family Outings, Epiphany A Christmas Story, Dear Diary, The Adventures in Odyssey series, Fatherís Anonymous, and You Say Tomato, which was written with British author Adrian Plass. He has also worked on several radio theater books such as three volumes of The Luke Reports, and adaptations for the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Charles Dickensí A Christmas Carol. Soon to be released projects are an adaptation of C.S. Lewisí The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Father Gilbert Mysteries: Healing and Secrets.

Paul lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, Tommy and Eleanor.

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