Meet Rick Bundschuh

Rick Bundschuh is a youth expert, writer, speaker, and cartoonist. His cartoon was featured in Surfer Magazine for 6 years. He is also the pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship as well as the manager for the band Spooky Tuesday which his son Justin plays with.. He is the former Creative Director for Youth Resources at Gospel Light Publications.

With a cartoon style design to many of his books, Rick helps youth leaders capture the attention of the teens they work with. His titles include Micro Messages, which contains 30 reproducible tracts and single page lessons; Velcro Teaching: Making Godís Word Stick in the Lives of Your Teens , Big Gulp: Adventures of a Reluctant Missionary (a study of Jonah for high school students), Kickstarters (101 introductions to lessons), and Talk Sheets on Psalms and Proverbs (lessons or lesson enhancers for both high school and junior high students). His upcoming book Passed Thru Fire, contains ideas to keep boys interested in church where they can be guided to godly manhood.

Information from Tyndale House Publishers. Posted May 2003.

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