Meet Gary and Barbara Rosberg

Gary and Barbara Rosberg saw a problem—divorce is becoming all to common, even among Christians—and they decided to do something about it. Together, they host America’s Family Coaches…Live!, a nationally syndicated, daily call-in radio show. They speak at marriage conferences and other events across the country.

The Rosbergs have written a number of books including The Five Love Needs of Men and Women, 40 Unforgettable Dates with Your Mate, Divorce-Proof Your Marriage, Discover the Love of Your Life All Over Again , as well as several soon to be released titles. Guard Your Heart will equip couples to practice guarding love, thereby protecting their marriages as well as the next generation. Renewing Your Love is a one month devotional designed to help married couples develop a renewing love that refreshes and supports the marriage relationship. Serving Love is the companion workbook to The Five Love Needs of Men and Women, and helps couples better understand their spouse’s needs and how they can best meet them. Additionally, Gary is the author of Do-It-Yourself Relationship Mender, and Barbara is the author of Connecting with Your Wife.

Gary and Barbara live in Iowa; they have two grown daughters and a grandchild.

Information from Tyndale House Publishers. Posted May 2003.

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