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Like many English majors, Paul Nigro had every intention of pursuing a writing career after he graduated. However, it took longer than he expected. After several years of graduate studies and 10 years as a pastor, Paul decided to accept a job with a manufacturing company and began writing. It was not until after his wife, Cindy had secretly shown some of Paul’s manuscripts to friends that he wrote a book proposal for Q.

He chose to write fiction because it enables him to do what he spent many years as a pastor doing—tell a story that people can relate to. Regarding his novels, Paul says, “There is a lot of nonfiction out there that addresses similar material that the average guy isn’t going to see or understand.” He goes on to explain that as a pastor he learned that people tended to remember stories.

In his debut novel, Q, Paul encourages readers to treat Christianity as more than an intellectual exercise through the character of Gigi Vaughn, a seminary student who becomes an inspiration to Christians who seem to have forgotten what faith really is about. In Bethesda, he tells a modern version of the healing of the lame man in John chapter 5. Paul’s upcoming project is The Last King of Babylon.

Paul and Cindy live in South Carolina with their two children, Julia and Vinny.

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