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Anne de Graaf has written more than 80 books, which have sold above 5 million copies worldwide and translated into over 50 languages. In addition to being an author, Anne has also worked as a journalist for the Dutch national press agency, and economics translator for the Dutch government.

She has traveled extensively in Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, where she has interviewed villagers, UNICEF, UNHCR, and World Vision field workers, trauma therapists working with children, as well as staying in a Tanzanian camp with refugees numbering beyond 50,000, most of whom where children.

Anne’s books include her children’s series, Little Children’s Bible Books as well as The Hidden Harvest series, which is based on true stories of people in Poland, interviews and research. Her newest project The Children’s Voices, is greatly enhanced by Anne’s travels. In this series, Anne’s strong ties to Ireland, and her love for the people of Eastern Europe and Africa serve as the backdrop for the setting. The first book, Into the Nevernight, takes place in Africa; the second in Europe, and the third in Ireland.

The final installment in the Hidden Harvest series, Out of the Red Shadow, won the 2000 Christy Award for International Historical Fiction. Anne was awarded the East-European Christian Literature Award during the Frankfurt World Book Fair in 1999.

For the past 20 years, Anne and her family have lived in Ireland and The Netherlands.

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