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As a child, Kitty Chappell loved to read and developed an early love for literature in school. Her writing career got started at the age of 19, when she took a job as a proofreader for a newspaper. She followed that by working for two more newspapers. Her earlier writing work included articles for a utility company’s statewide publication, a monthly newsletter for her husband’s business, medical transcriptions, as well as church bulletins and newsletters. It wasn’t until her oldest child was 15 that Kitty took her first writing class. Encouraged by her teachers, she soon wrote professionally: daily devotionals, guest editorials, poems and articles. Her personal non-fiction stories have appeared in the compilations The Day I Met God, Stories for the Spirit-Filled Believer, and Hope Chest.

Kitty has spoken at women’s groups for more than 22 years. In speaking with women after appearances, Kitty realized she was not the only one who struggled to forgive. “I believe women today have problems with forgiveness because they don’t understand what the work means. They thing to forgive means that a person should not be held responsible for his wrong actions. Wrongdoers should always be held accountable—exposed, reported, apprehended, and tried in a court of law when appropriate. The victim, however, is also responsible for her life, regardless of what happens to the wrongdoer. At some point in time, she must forgive, since forgiveness is the only key that unlocks the door to freedom.”

She says the most rewarding part of writing her first book, Sins of a Father, is seeing written evidence of God’s work in her own life over the years. “I understand the power of feelings—feelings of hate, resentment and self-pity. We erroneously believe we have no control over them, but my experience proves otherwise. I overcame, not because I was a woman of superior strength or intellect, not because God showed me special favor, but because of my deep longing to be free.”

Kitty and her husband, Jerry, life in Arizona; they two grown children and one granddaughter. Kitty frequently travels for speaking engagements and is working on her next book.

Posted May 2003.

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