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Author, speaker, and former local church pastor Steve McVey, is also the president of Grace Walk Ministries—a discipleship training ministry in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as hosting both a radio and a television show called Grace Walk.

In his book, A Divine Inspiration, McVey helps readers to see the love of God in a way that will stir both their intellect and emotions. He paints a picture of God’s great love that bridge the way for transformational intimacy with God. Steve is also the author of Grace Walk, Grace Rules, and Grace Land. Over 350,000 copies have been published in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese. His next project is The Godward Gaze: A Fresh Look at the Spiritual Disciplines, a follow up to A Divine Inspiration, designed to help readers better understand the love of God.

Steve has written articles for various periodicals as well as appearing on television and radio broadcasts such as WORD radio’s Pittsburgh Talks, 100 Huntley Street, It’s Time for Herman and Sharron, WCTS Radio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and KCBI in Arlington, Texas.

Steve and his wife, Melanie, have four children and three grandchildren; they live in Georgia.

Information from Harvest House Publishers. Posted May 2003.

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