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Jim George has filled a number of roles in his career, associate pastor of Grace Community Church, missionary, professor, and author. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Divinity, and a Master of Theology degree from Talbot School of Theology.

In 1976, Jim joined the pastoral staff of Grace Community Church as Associate Pastor of Evangelism. While there, he developed ďFundamental of the Faith,Ē a basic course in Christian doctrine. In 1979, Jim added the role of instructor by teaching at the Logos Bible Institute. Recognizing the importance of foreign mission, He later moved his family to Singapore for two years. He also served as a visiting professor in several Asian schools. In the 1980s, Jim served as Adjunct Professor and Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Talbot Theological Seminary before becoming a part time member of The Masterís Seminary faculty in 1986. Jim worked full time for the seminary until June of 2000.

Jimís book A Man After Godís Own Heart is a companion of his wife Elizabethís best-seller, A Woman After Godís Own Heart. In his book, Jim teaches men how to pursue God in every area of their lives. He and Elizabeth have since collaborated on the book Godís Wisdom for Little Boys which follows Elizabethís Godís Wisdom for Little Girls. Together, they have brought the basic principles of Proverbs to life.

Jim and Elizabeth have two grown daughters, Katherine and Courtney, and five grandchildren.

Information from Harvest House Publishers. Posted May 2003.

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