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Steve Chapman is a singer, songwriter, and author. He is the president of S & A Family, Inc., formed in 1980 to oversee the recording of over 25 music projects, videos, and coordinating a busy concert schedule.

Steve, along with his wife, Annie, have been interviewed on several Christian TV and radio programs including Focus on the Family, Point of View, Prime Time America, The 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, Open House, Decision Today, Celebration, People and Issues, His Place, and Among Friends. They have also been featured in major magazines such as Charisma, Christianity Today, Moody, CCM, and Virtue.

The topics of Steveís books are primarily marriage, and hunting. He has written A Look at Life from a Deerstand, What a Hunter Brings Home, With God on a Deer Hunt, 10 Things I Want My Son to Know: Getting Him Ready for Life, and Reel Time with God, as well as Married Lovers/Married Friends, and Gifts Your Kids Canít Break, both of which were co-written with Annie.. In his first novel, The Hunter, he writes about Joe, who stumbles onto two armed robbery suspects who now hunt him to protect their identities while he is out hunting for the day.

Steve and Annie live in Tennessee; they have two grown children, Nathan and Heidi.

Information from Harvest House Publishers. Posted May 2003.

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