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While growing up in Wisconsin, Laurie Kehlerís life could be summed up in two words, swimming and reading. She spend hours in the local pool and hours in her room reading the biggest books she could find.

Her return to the United States brought a romance with it, which inspired Laurie to attempt writing. The result of her efforts was How Do I Love Thee, Letís Talk About the Ways, a book dedicated to facilitating a positive, romantic communication between couples. She is also the author of two books celebrating the creationís wonders, joys, and miracles. Gardening Mercies draws spiritual resonance from working with the earth, while Wings of Mercy looks to the birds of the sky.

Laurie is still an avid reader; her greatest fear is to be stuck on a long airplane trip with no book! Along with her published books, her articles have appeared in various publications across the country.

Laurie lives in California with her husband.

Posted May 2003

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