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Ralph Muncaster frequently speaks to colleges, organizations, and churches on topics of world religion and Biblical authority. He is a university professor who has taught business, communications and religion courses. He also teaches apologetics at Saddleback Church.

A former atheist and hardcore skeptic, Muncaster spent many years conducting research in an attempt to disprove the Bible. To his surprise, the more he researched, the more accurate he discovered the Bible to be. Ironically, having spend 25 years working in executive marketing and consulting with Fortune 500 companies during his time as an atheist, he now spends his time teaching others about the God he vehemently rejected. Muncaster has also created a 15 week training course, Belief Builders, which is used in churches throughout North America as well as abroad.

A speaker and teacher, Muncaster has appeared as an expert on several of PAX TVís Encounters with the Unexplained programs. He has also been features on dozens of national television programs such as The New World Harvest Show, His Place, 100 Huntley Street, and Itís a New Day, as well as radio programs including Beverly LaHaye Today, Midday Connection, Prime Time America, and Todayís Issues. Special engagements include addressing a Muslim mosque in Orange County about the reliability of the Bible, and addressing NASA scientists at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

He now builds on his Examine the Evidence series, an exploration of various foundations of the Christian faith. Each book provides extensive information about a controversial or unproven topic and presents clear and detailed evidence for skeptics, seekers, and Christians. Topics include: Why Does God Allow Suffering?, How is Jesus Different from Other Religious Leaders?, Does Prayer Really Work?, Can We Know for Certain We Are Going to Heaven?, and How to Talk About Jesus with the Skeptics in Your Life. Examine the Evidence has also been translated into Spanish.

Ralph and his wife, Janice, live in California; they have three sons.

Information provided by Harvest House Publishers. Posted May 2003.

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