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Annie Chapman is more than an author, she is also a speaker, singer and songwriter, wife, and mother. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, she spends time speaking at women’s conferences and marriage seminars, as well as performing concerts with her husband, Steve.

Annie has a great deal of understanding the role of wife and mother. Topics she discusses range from understanding how to gain a balance in the varied roles of womanhood to knowing how to gain control over anger. Her books include Smart Women Keep it Simple (with Maureen Rank), Running on Empty and Looking for the Nearest Exit, What Do I Want? A Woman’s Quest for Courage, Contentment, and Coordination. She has also co-written 2 books Steve on marriage and parenting, Married Lovers/Married Friends and Gifts Your Kids Can’t Break (with Maureen Rank). In her latest book, Putting Anger in its Place, Annie draws from personal real-life situations and wisdom gained through experience, and Scriptural guidance.

Annie has been featured in Moody Magazine, Charisma, Today’s Christian Woman, and Decision. She recently participated in the Today’s Christian Woman series, “Questions Women Ask,” and is a contributor to the Women’s Study Bible.

Annie and Steve live in Tennessee; they have two grown children, Nathan and Heidi.

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