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Like many authors, Kathi Mills-Macias got her start in writing at a young age. At age 8, she wrote a short story for an assignment that was turned into a school play. It was then that Kathi knew she wanted to write. Shortly after graduating from high school, she had articles, poetry and short stories published and wrote for newspapers until the publication of her first book in 1989—23 years later.

Kathi has taught both creative and business writing at various schools, churches, and publishing houses. She is a popular speaker at churches, women’s clubs and retreats, as well as writer’s conferences; she has also appeared on several radio and television programs.

Kathi has written or co-written fourteen books, including A Moment a Day, Mommy, Where Are You?, Confessions from the Far Side of Thirty, Shooting Star, Spiritual Warfare and Your Children, Obsession, and its sequel, The Price. She has also edited, rewritten, or ghostwritten nearly 100 others.

Kathi is a mother and grandmother who currently lives in Lemon Grove, CA, with her husband, Al, and her mother, Mary.

Posted May 2003.

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