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Kevin C. Lee is an educator, author and speaker. He has a doctorate from Oklahoma State University and currently is an assistant professor of communication at Illinois State University.

Of his book, Fixing Our Eyes, Kevin said, "The purpose of this book is to help Christians turn their television sets off and turn their eyes upon Jesus and His work in the world.” He explains further, “Like the majority of Americans, Christians spend more time watching television than any other activity besides work or sleep. How can this be?! We live in a world of hurt! We need to redirect our focus on meeting those needs!”

Other works of Lee’s include articles for "Moody" and "ParentLife" magazines, four biographies of news broadcasters in the "Encyclopedia of Television News,” and a chapter entitled "Learning and Technology Beyond the Classroom," In the forthcoming J. Blaney & G. Donnelly (Eds.) "Technological Issues in Broadcast Education: A Reader."

Kevin is married; he and his wife have three children.

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