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Bonnie Leon did not always want to write; she dabbled in it, but did not seriously write until 1989. After filling legal pads with short stories, poetry and personal experiences, Bonnie realized she would need a typewriter to continue writing. Although purchasing a typewriter was out of the question, Bonnie prayed, trusting God to provide one if she was to write. A short time later, her husband Greg came home with a typewriter he had found in a dumpster and Bonnie knew she should write.

After an accident left her with severe injuries, Bonnie began writing. At first she could only write for 30 minutes per day, but gradually increased to several hours per day. However, it was not until she attended a writer’s conference in 1992 that Bonnie was inspired to write a book. She worked for 10 months to produce her first novel. To this date, Bonnie has written 10 novels and is currently researching an eleventh. Her books include her Northern Lights series, The Sowers Trilogy, A Sacred Place, and The Matanuska Series.

Bonnie and Greg live in Oregon; they have three grown children.

Posted May 2003.

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