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Linda Windsor is a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she lives in a late-eighteenth-century Victorian farmhouse with her family. Linda always dreamed of having a big home with lots of people coming and going, so when the family decided to restore the house, her dream came true. Her adult children not only remain at home—they bring all their friends to visit!

“Jim and I feel blessed to have such a warm and welcoming home,” says Linda, who recently added a section for her widowed mom to live in. “Sometimes it feels like a modern-day Waltons. Other days, it’s the Family Circus.”

Linda’s writing is another passion and dream come true. Since 1990, she has authored nineteen historical novels and several contemporary novels. Her titles include It Had to Be You; Hi, Honey, I’m Home; and Not Exactly Eden; as well as the award-winning Maire, first novel in the Fires of Gleannmara series, and its sequels, Riona and Deirdre. She gives a lot of credit for her prolific writing to her family—husband, mom, son, and daughter—who, in addition to sharing her love of history, share the chores to allow her more time to write.

The fiction author graduated from Salisbury State University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and has worked for most of her life as a comptroller in the family business. When needed, she also worked as one of the motor repairmen in the shop. “Now I insulate souls, instead of wiring,” Linda says.

Music is a passion of Linda’s: for ten years, she sang lead and harmony vocals and played guitar and keyboard in a country/classic rock band with her husband. As a duet now, they’ve devoted their talents to God in a music ministry on the lower Shore and are lay leaders in their small country church. As a former author of several secular romances, Linda says, “After holding out Jonah-style for nearly four years, I finally gave over my writing to Him as well—it was just a matter of time. God won’t settle for less than all of us. The uplifting reward of following His will has been well worth the journey of trial to get here.”

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