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Ted Dekkerís life reads like an Indiana Jones movie come to life. Raised as the son of missionaries sent to convert the natives to Christianity, Ted grew up in a land where spiders were part of his daily diet and headhunters managed to eat a few of his parentís friends and colleagues. A gruesome picture perhaps, but this fiercely independent environment, filled with stark choices for good and evil, shaped the creative, inquisitive, open-minded individual he is today. Surrounded by the vivid colors of the jungle and a myriad of cultures, each steeped in their own interpretation of life and religion, he received a first class education on human nature and behavior that has become the foundation for his writing. During the somewhat nomadic existence of his youth, Dekker has called Indonesia, Canada and the United States home. This wide-ranging exposure to various cultures and beliefs has given him a real understanding and true appreciation of diversity. It has also been instrumental in making him the master storyteller that he is today.

In college Ted Dekker studied Philosophy and Religion, using the experiences of his youth to their best advantage. A writer is first an observer, and Tedís fields of observation have been broad. After college, Ted began a career in marketing, calling on tips he had learned from his younger years trading with Chinese merchants in the jungles of Indonesia. He eventually went on to run his own successful company before turning full-time to his writing.

A committed Christian, Dekker frowns on the label due to its misconstrued reputation throughout the world. He believes that itís not what you call yourself, but who you follow that defines you. During his journey through life, from the tropic jungles of Indonesia to the paper jungle of corporate America, the disparity between Christianity as a religion and Christianity as a faith in God has plagued Dekker. It was the desire to draw pictures of Godís character as it really is that drove him to write novels. Stories, but not just any stories. Rather stories that draw the reader into a world where God is real and active and where his love is as strong as a vial of exotic perfume. The eighteen years of his life spent among the largest body of Muslims on earth has given Ted a vast and unique perspective on Islam, and that influence of his upbringing is never felt more strongly than in his recent novel, Blink, which debuted at #1 on the CBA bestseller lists in March 2003. Dekker is a writer bent on reaching the popular culture with stories that explore difficult questions. With over 300,000 books in print, Dekker is the author of six bestsellers: Heavenís Wager, When Heaven Weeps, Thunder of Heaven, Blessed Child, A Man Called Blessed, and Blink. His newest novel, Three, is a thrilling journey into the mind of a madman, and is sure to change the way readers view Christian fiction. Ted's upcoming books are Obsessed, Black, and a novella.

A devoted husband to wife LeeAnn, whom he credits for his success, the Dekkers and their four children live on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado.

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