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Free spirited singer/guitarist David Crowder has been steeped in student ministry and passionate worship for several years as the Music and Arts Pastor at University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. Crowder has connected with peers nationwide, gaining a major grassroots support system via sold-over Internet chatters, an appearance on the top-selling Passion release Road To One Day, and most recently as a guest on the Passion Experience Tour. And now, a large and growing audience is eager for the release of the David Crowder Band's sixstepsrecords debut recording, Can You Hear Us?

Complete with a creative and personable crew of band members(including an electronic violinist/DJ), David Crowder Band offers a blend of music that is simultaneously intellectual and heartfelt, at home in anyone's collection which may include Dave Matthews or Caedmon's Call. Even more telling, are the favorable comparisons listeners have made between Crowder's songs and the faithfully profound works of Rich Mullins and John Michael Talbot.

Can You Hear Us? delivers its inspiration and innovation with ease. David Crowder's warm and confident voice sounds assuredly poetic on the instantly memorable sing-along "Thank You" and suitably progressive along the radio-friendly edge of "Our Love Is Loud." Soaring melodies, lyrical insight, and dynamic musical fields planted with soft and stacked-up guitars, vivid violins, and modern rock rhythms all make David Crowder Band's Can You Hear Us? worth an excited listen.

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