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Dee Appel was born and raised in Oregon, where she presently resides in her home in the country, overlooking a lovely rural landscape. She has written in one form or another since she was very young, but poetry has always been her favorite. Over the years, Dee consistently pursued every possible avenue to follow her dream of earning a living as a creative writer. Although she became a Legal Investigator -- writing in a different form while raising her three children -- only recently has the creative dream come to fruition.

Dee’s daughter, Jennifer, shares her mother’s writing gift, and Dee and Jen hope to produce some books together in the future. “Jen” has made Dee the proud “Grammy” of three – two boys and one girl.

Dee is a five-year breast cancer survivor. Because of her strong faith in the Lord, along with an incredibly supportive church family, prayer and love were her constant companions as she walked the long path to recovery. During her year of treatment, doors opened for Dee to self-publish a miniature gift book. It was the beginning of her “discovery” as a creative author.

“I’m a mountain person,” Dee says. "There is something healing and restorative about mountain air.” Whenever she is not writing, Dee is composing or playing music. She is consumed with a love for all things musical and is very involved in the music ministry of her church.

Her hobbies include walking, swimming, traveling and exploring new sights.

“Faith, love and friendship are what keep me going,” says Dee. “If it hadn’t been for the faithfulness of the Lord and support of my dear friends along the way, my dream would not have come to life. I encourage everyone I know to follow their dream...because life’s too short not to.”

Posted May 2002.

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