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A Busy Debut

A few years ago when Crystal Lewis arrived at the Myrrh Records studio to record her debut album, Beauty for Ashes, her daily schedule resembled a whirlwind. Pregnant at the time with Isabella, Crystal was taking care of her two-year-old son, Solomon. She had the full time job of managing an independent record label, “Metro One,” with her husband, Brian Ray, and she regularly performed concerts and provided music for the Franklin Graham and Harvest Crusades. Two years later, when she stepped into the sound booth to record her second Myrrh project, Gold, Crystal's life was pretty much the same as it was then…only more busy!

The Success of Beauty for Ashes
Beauty for Ashes exceeded even Crystal’s expectations, garnering sales that approached 250,000 copies. The album produced three number one singles on the Christian music charts, including the CCM and CRR number one Song of the Year, “People Get Ready…Jesus Is Comin’.” But, with the success of Beauty for Ashes, the demands on Crystal as a performer have increased dramatically. And now with a two little children, ages two and four, the demands on Crystal as a parent have...well, doubled.

Crystal’s Most Recent Project
Crystal’s latest album, Gold, was inspired by her personal quiet times with the Bible, and several of the songs focus on Biblical themes. “The title song is taken from the passage in Job that says, ‘When he has tested me I will come forth as gold’,” Crystal explains. “That theme of discovering God's purposes in the midst of suffering and trials seems to be woven through several of the lyrics.” She goes on to say that, “The album…is rooted in the experience of a faith that can withstand anything that's thrown at it. During the time I was writing these songs…I watched my friends walk through trials. I was struck by the peace that really was present in their lives. I began to see how even in the midst of our darkest hours, God comforts and brings peace.” With the release of Gold, Crystal has found another artistic avenue for bringing the hope of Christ to millions.

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