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Superchic[k] was conceived after being on the road and listening to the issues junior high and high school girls face. As you well know, America has become a toxic environment for kids to grow up in… the only role models available to kids are beautiful, thin and sexually active. We've become a culture where being good looking is valued more than being good.

So many kids find themselves falling short of the TV standard of beautiful people and they cope with it in any number of harmful ways. We want to give an alternative role model. While the messages are universal, we wanted a girl up front to talk to the girls in the audience.

Superchic[k] is a fun, energetic band with 2 girls and 5 guys, including everything from a DJ to break dancing. It's an aggressive, catchy all-live mix aimed squarely at high school and junior high kids. We've been playing shows steadily, and have had a terrific response with kids. Part of our goal is to send them home too exhausted to get into trouble… It's aggressive but not angry.

Along with wearing them out, we try to send them home with hope and a sense that they are loved. So many kids feel like they're not lovable the way they are... and no wonder, because everywhere you look, our media drives home the message: thin, beautiful, sexually active is acceptable, the rest is not.

We're trying to make the world "safe to be ordinary". We’re taking biblical truths and putting them in a very relevant context for the kids…including non-Christians. Our heart breaks for these kids - especially the 13 and 14 year olds girls who have learned that there's a very direct equation between being sexual and getting attention... which is the closest thing to love many have ever felt.

We're trying to show them there's another way.

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