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Brandilyn Collins was born in Miraj, India to missionary parents. Her family soon moved to Kentucky where she was raised. She now lives in the Silicon Valley area of California with her husband, 3 children, and their dog Mallie.

Coming from a long line of writers including her uncle, David Seamands, Brandilyn says her writing career began in second grade when she won the award for best short story. In high school she studied creative writing, drama, and typing. After completing a major in drama during college she changed to journalism. She says that her drama background has been a tremendous help in writing fiction.

In 1982 Brandilyn founded Vantage Point, through which she wrote marketing materials for companies. The company grew quickly to a full-time business, which she worked at while at home raising her children.

Really wanting to write a suspense novel, Brandilyn began researching a local murder trial and ended up writing a book about the case, A Question of Innocence, which gained national coverage because of its unique psychological and legal issues. This gave her exposure on such television shows as The Phil Donahue Show and Leeza Gibbons.

Several years later she says, "God got a hold of me." She had been a Christian for years but that summer Jesus her Savior became Jesus her Lord. One of the first things God spoke to her about was her writing. So she began rewriting her work, weaving Christian content throughout. Brandilyn says that through her writing she hopes to edify believers in their walk with Christ, to exhort non-believers to embrace the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and to entertain while upholding biblical values.

Brandilyn is now the author of several books. Cast a Road Before Me, Color the Sidewalk for Me, and her latest release, Capture the Wind for Me, make up the Bradleyvilleseries. Eyes of Elisha, and Dread Champion are the first two books in the Chelsea Adams series. Foreign rights for her books have been sold to Germany, South Africa, and the Netherlands. In addition to her novels, Brandilyn is also the author of Getting Into Character, a book about writing based on the concepts of method acting.

She is the recipient of many awards for her writing. In 2002, Brandilyn was named the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference Writer of the Year. Her books have been CBA best-sellers, Romantic Times Top Picks, Holt Medallion Finalists, and Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Nominees. Both Eyes of Elisha, and Color the Sidewalk for Me have been named ACRW Book of the Year in 2001, and 2002, respectively. Color the Sidewalk for Me won that title in the contemporary women's fiction category.

As far as her story writing goes, Brandilyn says, "I want to tell a story as best as I possibly can, to grab that reader and make him or her ride the wind with me as we pursue the story. But within that story, I want to present the message of Christ and whatever theme God has given me for that book."

Information taken from the author's web site and an interview with Updated June 2001.

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