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Since 1982 Tom Carter has served as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dinuba, California. When Tom first came, the church was more than a century old and in decline. Since then First Baptist has quadrupled in size and built a new facility on property twenty times larger than its original site.

At age nineteen Tom discovered Charles Spurgeon, the nineteenth-century British pastor whom church history calls ďthe Prince of Preachers.Ē As he began reading through the sixty-three-volumes of Spurgeonís sermons, Tom picked out striking statements and quoted them in his Bible teaching. ďI saw Spurgeonís words sink into peopleís hearts like Davidís stone into Goliathís forehead,Ē Tom says.

He spent ten years reading all 3,561 published sermons of Spurgeon, and the result was his book 2200 Quotations from the Writings of Charles H. Spurgeon. Tom says, ďItís primarily a resource for pastors who are looking for dynamic illustrations, vivid statements, and dagger-like application of biblical doctrine. But itís also a great devotional guide for every Christian.Ē

A second volume Spurgeonís Commentary on Great Chapters of the Bible followed. It contains Spurgeonís verse-by-verse comments through thirty-one of the most well known and beloved chapters in Scripture. These expositions are also gleaned from Spurgeonís many writings, including his 3,561 published sermons.

Tom writes not only for pastors but also for Bible study groups. His 13 Crucial Questions Jesus Wants to Ask You comes with a built-in discussion guide and has been used in small groups across the country.

In his new book, They Knew How to Pray, Carter offers insight into prayer by examining the prayer lives of 14 Old and New Testament figures such as Abraham, Nehemiah, David, Hannah, and Paul. This book also comes with a built-in discussion guide for use in Sunday school classes and Bible study groups.

Tom Carter won a tennis scholarship to the University of Idaho, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also earned a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Westminster Theological Seminary in California.

He and his wife Mary have three children: Andrea, Leslie, and Tommy. In his spare time Tom coaches local youth baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Posted August 2001.

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