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Tommy Tenney has a new job. He’ll tell you that his job description is to increasingly become a person whose passion for God’s presence presses him to chase the impossible in hopes that the uncatchable might catch him. Unsatisfied with knowing about God, Tenney longs to be a person pursuing the living presence of a God who is alive and working today. Put simply, Tenney’s job title is God chaser. But that wasn’t always what he was.

The author of the best-selling books The God Chasers, God’s Dream Team, The God Catchers, and God’s Favorite House, Tenney inherited an extended legacy of Christian service. His mother’s parents opened new churches across the southern United States. His parents pastored several local congregations, eventually assuming administrative supervision for numerous congregations within the U.S. and overseas. Like his parents and grandparents, Tenney had invested his life in ministry. Born in 1956, he began preaching at age 16. He spent almost 10 years as a pastor and more than 18 years as an evangelist, traveling to more than 35 nations and many parts of the U.S.

“I am a fourth generation Spirit-filled Christian, three generations deep into ministry, but I must be honest with you: I was sick of church. I was just like most of the people we try to lure into our services every week. They won’t come because they are sick of church too.”

“But on one autumn Sunday morning, something happened to change all that,” writes Tenney. “It put all my ministerial accomplishments, credentials, and achievements in jeopardy. A long-time friend of mine who pastored a church in Houston, Texas, had asked me to speak at his church. I somehow sensed that destiny was waiting. Prior to his call, a hunger had been birthed in my heart that just wouldn’t go away. The gnawing vacuum of emptiness in the midst of my accomplishments just got worse. I was in a frustrating funk, a divine depression of destiny. When he called I just sensed that something awaited us from God.”

Tenney goes on to relate his account of a remarkable move of the Holy Spirit in that Houston church. During the Sunday morning service, people heard what sounded like a thunderclap throughout the building. The pastor, standing at the pulpit, was thrown back about 10 feet. The pulpit, made of a heavy acrylic material, was split in two. “The presence of God had hit that place like some kind of bomb,” said Tenney. Spurring days of repentance at the church, the incident led to hundreds of baptisms and dramatic change in both Tenney and the congregation.

Since that time, Tommy Tenney has continued to travel the world. Now, however, both through his preaching and his writing, he encourages believers to make intimacy with God their life’s goal. Convinced that God is beginning to say to many believers, “I'm not asking you how much you know about Me. I want to ask you, ‘Do you really know Me? Do you really want Me?’” Tenney urges Christians not merely to seek the blessings of God and revival from God, but to seek him who blesses and the one who sends revival. Tenney’s message seems to have struck a chord as The God Chasers enters its 21st printing, while his other titles also continue to grow in popularity. Tenney's recent and upcoming books include God Chasers for Kids, God Chasers for Teens, You are a God Chaser If..., Prayers of a God Chaser, The Daily Chase, Mary's Prayers and Martha's Recipes, God's Eye View, and Finding Favor with the King.

An increasingly well-known revivalist, Tenney founded the GodChasers.Network through which he shares his ministry in various forms of print, audio, and video media. He and his wife, Jeannie, reside in Louisiana with their three daughters, Tiffany, Natasha, and Andrea. A yorkie, Little Romeo, rounds out the Tenney household.

Quotes excerpted from The God Chasers and God’s Dream Team. Updated 6 /2003

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