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Life begins at 40—or so they say. Such was the case for the literary life of Lawana Blackwell. Writing had been a dream, simmering like a big pot of stew on the back burner of her existence for years. As she faced the milestone of her 40th birthday, she began asking herself when "one day” would finally arrive. Suddenly it became clear to her that she had been procrastinating all that time out of fear of failure.

A subsequent writing course at Louisiana State University turned up the heat, and the dream went from a simmer to a rolling boil. Her instructor at LSU was supremely encouraging, even to the point of recommending an editor with a New York publisher. It certainly seemed as if her wish to be published was about to come true. But Lawana hesitated, feeling that God was leading her specifically toward Christian fiction. She just didn’t know how to get started in that specialized market.

Lawana lived in Baton Rouge at the time. Fortunately, so did noted Christian author Gilbert Morris. Some courage was mustered up, a phone call was placed, and the eventual result was a small writing group where Mr. Morris eagerly shared his talent and experience. Morris was a persistent taskmaster, and while others in the group dropped out, Lawana persevered.

Since then she has gained a reputation for her historical romance novels, The Maiden of Mayfair, Catherine's Heart, and the best-selling series The Gresham Chronicles and The Victorian Serenade. Readers consistently praise Ms. Blackwell for her believable plots, realistic character development, and spiritual insights. The characters residing in her books are always learning valuable lessons about God’s love and forgiveness. A CBD customer enthused in an online review of Lawana’s books “This author is amazingly talented!”

A former kindergarten teacher and instructor in an anti-drug program, Lawana now devotes herself full time to writing. The Blackwell family—Lawana, husband Buddy, and sons Joe, Matt, and Andy—lives in Baton Rouge, where Lawana is an active member of the Baptist Church. Over the years she has taught Sunday school, sung in the choir, and served in a nursing home visitation ministry.

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