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John Eldredge is an author, lecturer, and counselor. When writing The Sacred Romance, he and co-author Brent Curtis were inspired by the countless Christians who have lost heart and passion for life. Eldredge and Curtis address the “thousands of people’s cries for intimacy with God, need for healing of their deepest wounds, and longing for adventure.”

In addition to his private counseling practice, John was a member of the staff at Focus on the Family for 12 years. Most recently he served as Senior Fellow for Christian Worldview Studies at the Focus on the Family Institute—a one-semester program for college students located at the Focus campus in Colorado Springs. There he began showing a new generation of Christians what writers like C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald knew so well: “Christianity is not an invitation to become a moral person. It is not a program for getting us in line or for reforming society . . . At its core, Christianity begins with an invitation to desire.” This message is also featured in his book The Journey of Desire: Searching for the Life We’ve Only Dreamed Of.

John received his undergraduate degree in theater from California Polytechnic University (Pomona) and his MA in biblical counseling from Colorado Christian University. Prior to joining Focus on the Family in 1988, John served for five years on the staff of Sierra Madre Congregational Church in Southern California.

John’s other books include Waking the Dead, Dare to Desire, Wild at Heart, Epic, Captivating, and The Way of the Wild Heart Walking With God, many of which have been published as audio books. Wild at Heart has even been translated into Spanish. Beyond the scope of published word, he has produced three videos: Risky Business: A Look at Gambling, Whatever Happened to Marriage?: A Look at Divorce, and Created Different?: A Look at Homosexuality.

In 2000, John left Focus on the Family in order to launch Ransomed Heart Ministries, which is dedicated to furthering the message of The Sacred Romance.

John and his wife, Stasi reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado with their three sons Samuel, Blaine, and Luke. The Eldredges love living in Colorado where they can pursue many passions, including fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and exploring the waters of the West by canoe. “I love the outdoors,” he says. “I love fly fishing and mountain climbing. I love reading, art, eating good food. I love people.”

Facts and quotes are taken from the Thomas Nelson Publishers website. Updated May 2008

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