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Posted 9/2000

Richard Trout is an environmental biologist, consultant, and college professor dedicated to promoting the conservation of natural resources and protection of endangered species. Trout has lived the undersea adventures that most only dream about by diving the rugged coast and kelp beds of California, the Virgin Islands' statuesque stagform coral reefs and the mighty Cayman Wall.

As a regular writer for several years on Earth Day topics for the Oklahoma Observer, Trout wrote and produced an environmental foreign policy film with former U.S. Senator David Boren. An amateur history and geography buff, his interests show up in his well-researched novels.

Trout's degrees are in biology and natural science from Oklahoma Christian University and Oklahoma State University. For fifteen years, he worked in the diverse fields of oil and gas, food safety and transportation, and water quality consulting-before he moved on to higher education where he teaches zoology, biology, anatomy, and physiology. He has developed a college level course in ecology and environmental issues.

Trout is an amateur history and geography buff; this shows up in his well-researched novels. He presents informative and entertaining programs in elementary, middle schools, and high schools. He frequently gives presentations on environmental issues, environmental literature, and creative writing for school and professional groups. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Oklahoma City.

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