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Diane Noble is the award-winning author of 12 novels, three novellas, and three nonfiction books for women. Two of her 1999 releases, When The Far Hills Bloom and Distant Bells, were finalists for the prestigious RITA, awarded by Romance Writers of America for Best Inspirational Fiction. When the Far Hills Bloom has been followed by two sequels, The Blossom and the Nettle, and At Play in the Promised Land to make up the California Chronicles series.

Diane's stand alone titles include the new Heart of Glass, featuring Fairwyn March, who flees her oppressive marriage, crosses the U.S., and takes refuge in a California mission. Her upcoming book Phoebe, is a continuation of The Veil, with stories woven together from 1857 to 1935. She has also written Kingdom Come, and Stonehaven, under the pen name Amanda Maclean, taken from an old family name.

When asked what she would like to accomplish through her writing, Diane replied, "Primarily I think of story. In any writing I do, whether it is in the ABA or the CBA market, the story is all-important. Characters are next—living, breathing characters. But then as I write, my prayer is always that God knows the hearts of the people who will read my books and He knows what they need to hear. I'm a great believer in letting the story flow, letting the characters come to life, and then being open to whatever it is that He would have them say through these stories. I always want to be open to that."

Diane lives in the mountains of southern California with her husband Tom, a history professor and part-time writer. Diane and Tom have trekked to the settings of each of her novels for research gathering and adventure, including the ancient city of Salamanca, Spain, the setting for Distant Bells.

Information from the author's website and an interview with Updated June 2003.

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