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Internationally known author and speaker, Patricia Rushford has authored dozens of books, numerous articles and has gained a reputable spot in the Christian youth fiction market. With over a quarter of a million sold of her youth series alone, her exciting Jennie McGrady series is enjoying overwhelming success from readers of all ages. Patricia has moved into the adult fiction category with the release of her Helen Bradley Mysteries. She is continuing in this direction with two upcoming series, The McAllister Files, and the Angel Delaney Mysteries.

In addition to her numerous fiction titles, Patricia has also authored several non-fiction books such as It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Kid, The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome, Have Your Hugged Your Teenager Today, What Kids Need Most in a Mom, Emotional Phases of a Woman's Life, Caring for Your Elderly Parents, and Lost in the Money Maze.

With numerous awards to her credit, such as an Edgar nomination a Silver Angel Award for excellence in media, it comes as no surprise that she is a favorite at conventions and interviews. Pat has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Prime Time America and Focus on the Family. She is a registered nurse and holds an M.A. degree in counseling from Western Evangelical Seminary.

As a speaker, Pat combines her speaking, writing, and singing talents to bring inspirational and motivational workshops and retreat programs to men and women and children across the country. Pat can be often found in schools through her "Invite an Author to School" program, or on the beach with the "Writer's Weekend at the Beach" workshops.

Patricia live in the Northwest with her husband, Ron. They have two grown children and seven grandchildren. When she is not writing or speaking, Patricia enjoys hiking and a number of different crafts such as cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, and pottery. She loves to travel and often sets her books in her favorite places.

Information from Bethany House Publishers and the author's website. Updated 6 /2003.

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