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Nancy Rue is primary an author of children’s books, although recently she has written many successful adult fiction novels.

After graduating from Stetson University in DeLand, FL with a degree in English and education, Nancy taught high school English near a Norfolk, VA. She continued her own education, receiving a masters degree in Education from the College of William and Mary.

She decided to stop teaching and to focus on writing. When she had little success with adult literature, she tried out children’s short stories and it was a perfect fit! After all she loves writing and she loves kids. After she’d written about a hundred stories, she developed her writing into full-length books. By 1996, she was a full-time writer. Some of her titles include, The Janis Project, It’s a God Thing! the Lily series, the Sophie LaCroix series, Raise the Flag, and adult fiction novels, Pascal’s Wager and Antonia’s Choice.

Last updated July 2008.

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